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Upgrading Guernsey Goats

Recorded-Grades, to British Guernseys / PureBred Guernseys

The Guernsey goat is developed using bucks (males) of the Golden Guernsey breed crossed with swiss type standard size dairy does (females).


Using an upgrading system to its ultimate results, American & Purebred Guernsey Goats here in the USA.


The British Goat Society (BGS), or American Guernsey Goat Registry (AGGR) are the registries used at this time, until the American Dairy Goat Assn (ADGA) updates it's computer system and can also start to register Guernseys.


The BGS  system for upgrading :

1) IR (Identification Register) - any female of any age.    Only Swiss Dairy Type / Breed of standard size, no Nubians, no LaManchas, no Meat breeds, no Fiber Breeds, or Mini Breeds.

2) SR (Supplementary Register) - female any age with a Guernsey (2nd HB level, BG or GG) sire.

3) FB (Foundation Book) - female maximum two yrs with Guernsey (2nd HB level, BG or GG) sire and SR dam.

4) HB1 (Herd Book ) - female maximum two yrs with Guernsey (2nd HB level, BG or GG) sire and FB dam.

5) HB2 (Herd Book) - female or male maximum 2 yrs with Guernsey (2nd HB level, BG or GG) sire and HB1 dam.

6) BG (British Guernsey) - female or male maximum 2 yrs with (BG or GG) sire
and HB2 dam.

That is the shortest route using maximum GG blood therefore best chance
of correctly marked kids. You CAN use HB2 bucks but will add at least
one extra generation.

Goats are eligible for a Breed Section (including BG) if:-
a) Both sire and dam are BG.
b) One parent is BG and the other is GG.
c) The dam is BG and has been AI'd with GG semen.
d) One parent is GG/BG and three grandparents + the sire of the fourth
grandparent are entered in the BG and/or the GG Section.


 The AGGR system registers animals as shown (without limitation on age to register):

(note this is how ADGA registration should be similar)

SR= 1/2 bred Recorded-Grade

FB= 3/4 bred Recorded-Grade

HB first level does = American Guernsey

HB 2nd level = American Guernsey (both bucks & does)

Purebred Guernseys will be those with Sire, Dam and both Grand Sires & Grand Dams are American Guernseys and / or Golden Guernseys.



ADGA is anticipated to start registering Guernsey Goats within 2 years of Oct. 2015.


Due to delays in getting ROSS (ADGA registry program) upgraded, it is anticipated ADGA will start registering Guernseys in 2018 or shortly there after.



Updated January 22, 2017