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Sire Collection

Custom Buck and Ram Collection & Semen Processing

We offer buck collection and semen processing on a limited basis.

 new pricing 2018

Our Requirements & Prices :

5 Confirmed bucks/rams minimum per stop / collection date.

For each buck a $50 non-refundable deposit (covers first 10 straws) and a copy of his registration papers.

 A 30 straw minimum per buck/ram is required, price 11 to 30 straws are $5, with straw number 31 to 100 are $ 4.50 with straw number 101 and over are $4.00

makes minimum cost  per buck  $50 deposit + 20 straws at $5 = $100 = $150

*** Additional bucks maybe added after straws are ordered, but because that includes handwriting straws a surcharge of $.25 per straw will be apply.***


Additionally we:

- need two does/ewes in standing heat, with 1 more additional doe in heat for each additional 5 bucks to be collected.

- need a strong place to tie up no less than 2 bucks/rams within sight of each other.

- need power hook up and access to water, hot water is wonderful.

- Someone to examine & accept semen in the late morning after collection. Payment in full at the time of acceptance of semen.

- If you are wanting paperwork other than the ADGA collection Report, please provide the required paperwork & address of where it should be submitted.

-Upon occasion you might desire a second day of collection (often older bucks collect much better a second day),  please arrange this a head of time.  5 Bucks minimum is required each day. 

If you desire to learn how to collect & process semen I do teach this at a cost of $500 which includes a one user only manual.  But this needs to be arranged & paid for in advance.


For the best results

 Semen is made @ 6 weeks prior to our collection date.

 Keeping the important 6 weeks in mind,, ideally bucks/rams should be in good condition, having been wormed prior to 6 weeks of collection.

 Any antibiotics given within these 6 important weeks can interfere with semen production, and cause immature sperm & so an unsuccessful collection.

 As minerals are very important to an animal's good health and great semen production, bucks need to be on a good diet including minerals needed in their area for many months prior to our date with them.

  Each buck/ram should be housed separately for 7 to 10 days.  Prior to this period of isolation he should cover 1 doe ( no more than twice please).

  The night before collection,  give 1 ½ cc of vitamin A & D orally.





A) How do you figure out how many straws from on jump?

 ~ We use a Spectrophotometer to get a correct count and extend to include 3 Mil per 1/2  cc straw.


D) Do you wash the semen ?   ~  YES   every single time.


C) Do you need fresh eggs ? 


~ NO we use a one step all inclusive extender.   This costs use considerably more however it eliminates all potential problems from eggs.


Updated June 18, 2018